Name: Kitsune
Affiliation: The Mythica

Appearance: Kitsune is a young woman with dark red hair and a level expression. When not on assignment, she prefers severe clothing that will not impede her movements, while on mission she tends towards light body armor, in rippled dark hues that help her blend into her surroundings at night.

Background: Unknown. At some point in time, Kitsune chose to take Jormungandr's blessing and become a leader of the Mythica, and began working for Fenris.

Personality: Kitsune is focused and driven, almost humourless and proud of her self-control. She can be slightly biting at times, although she never displays this side of her personality to her leader. She is perfectly willing to pretend to be almost any personality type if it will accomplish her mission better, and is skilled enough at it that many people are caught off-guard when she reveals her true self.

Powers: Kitsune possesses godly powers granted to her by the primordial god Jormungandr. She is extremely quick, able to run at exceptional speeds in short bursts, and easily topping 25 miles per hour on foot over longer distances. She is also essentially tireless, able to keep working or fighting indefinitely, and is superhumanly agile and strong. Her training includes extensive hand-to-hand skill, immense stealth training, and management experience, which has left her the reluctant HR person for the Mythica's mundane henchmen.

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