Vital Statistics

Real Name: KAN-13-SSA
Origin: Bioreplicant Robitic Lifeform
Position: Diabolico Vice-President In Exile
Date of Birth: February 14th, 2004.

Powers: Super-strength and toughness, advanced regeneration, computer-like mind
First Appearance: #97 - Cue Dramatic Music


Kaniessa doesn't discuss her past much. This is because she was created to be the wife of Dr. Spencer Ecchs, after a particularly bad Valentine's Day. The experiment could only be considered a drastic failure - the doctor inputted everything he thought he would want in a robotic wife, and received a willful, vindictive, spiteful woman who broke up with him on their second date and tried to tear his company apart. She also dated Lucky Lad for several weeks, possibly just to spite him.

Kaniessa left Patchwork City only two months after her 'birth', fast-tracking through the Institute of Applied Villainy. She found common cause with the Witch Doctor, who loathes Dr. Ecchs as much as she does, and now serves as his assistant. Although she is not technically a core member of the Oligarchs, she is a tangential member of the team due to her association.


Kaniessa is sarcastic and borderline rude, preferring direct action to complex plots. She is, however, highly intelligent - possibly more so than her boss. She is also a strong believer in the rights of artificial life, to no one's surprise, and her few compassionate moments are usually in relation to other created beings.

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