Vital Statistics

Real Name: Tom Tamberson
Origin: Natural Super
Position: Leader of the Antiheroes
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1948

Powers: Incredible super-strength, nigh-on invunerability, flight, energy projection, super-speed, magical resistance, aura of leadership. Suit provides total psychic resistance and further enhances strength.
First Appearance: #163 - Ooh, Ominous


After the New York disaster, the All-American Man quickly became convinced that the events could have been stopped if heroes had not been so permissive of continued villainous existance. Consumed by grief and rage, he was shocked and horrified when the treaties between the heroes and villains were ratified, and privately swore that he would never allow them to continue. Modifying the Knightshine armor to function for him through still-unknown means, he took on the name Judgement, and set about founding the Antiheroes.


Judgement is a ruthless fanatic, a borderline-psycopath who sees everything in the world as a reflection of his own past failure. He would do anything and kill anyone in a vague attempt to gain revenge for his own imagined crimes, but every person he kills only fuels that rage. If unchecked, he is fully capable of killing half the world in order to save the other half.

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