Name: Jormungandr
Aliases: Apophis, Ladon, Mixcoatl

Appearance: The World Serpent is a massive beast, which can take on a variety of forms depending on its mood. It commonly appears as a jet-black serpent several miles long, with glittering ice-blue eyes and a flickering tongue.

Background: Jormungandr is an elder god, one of the oldest beings on the planet, and predates the rise of humanity. The incarnation of serpents and hunting reptiles, Jorumungandr draws his power from the collected psychic energies of millions of years of such beings' existences, combined with the magical energies of the planet. Many believe that he was the god of the dinosaurs as well, although there is some disagreement on the subject. It hardly matters anymore. Jormungandr was one of the few survivors of the Great Twilight of 1881-1882, and actually came out of the affair massively more powerful than before it began. He was so powerful, in fact, that Avery Midnight was unable to destroy him, and instead was forced to seal him in a prison beyond the world.

Personality: Jormungandr barely has a personality to speak of. He is a hunter, cold and cruel, who prefers to strike from stealth and takes pleasure in the conquest of his prey. By human standards, it is arguable how sentient he is - although he is capable of reason, his intellect is rarely able to overcome his deeply-seated instincts.

Powers: Beyond measure. Jormungandr is a powerful god, and he can accomplish nearly anything he can imagine. He can transform the weather, change into any shape he desires, create terrifying godflame or consume entire cities in darkness. He can gift his power to others, giving them a wide variety of magical powers, although he cannot remove such gifts short of murdering the recipient, and each gift weakens him slightly, so he is usually reluctant to do so. He can devour gods and consume their power, adding it to his own. He can teleport or remove himself from the world altogether, or exist without a physical body.

The one thing that Jormungandr remains unable to do is escape his prison, despite several major efforts. His contact with the world is just enough to occasionally treat with mortals, who he attempts to recruit to release him with the promise of great power.

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