Jigath: A planet in the inner reach of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way, located approximately 4,000 light years from Earth, Jigath was the ancestral home of the Chitrani until their extinction following the end of the Chitrani War.

The planet Jigath was once an Earth-like planet, with a gravity at 1.2 times Earth standard, a temperature warmer than Earth's by only three degrees Celsius across the planet, and what is believed to have been a rich and diverse ecosystem. The planet is marginally large than Earth, with a surface of 68% water and a standard nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere common to all worlds that support mammilian or reptilian life.

Unfortunately, the ecosystem of Jigath was devastated during the years between 1871 and 1907, during which time the Chitrani were trapped on the planet with no escape. Desperate to maintain their lives, they destroyed nearly all life on the planet in order to feed on the psychic energy that it maintained, ultimately burning entire forests in order to gain a few extra days before turning on each other. Their cities were leveled, their monuments and icons were razed to the ground, and almost every living thing on the planet was exterminated. By 1907, no Chitranu remained alive, and the planet was effectively uninhabitable due to the level of toxic, nuclear, and biochemical devices triggered by the remaining survivors in order to deny their conquerers a world.

In the present day, archaeologists continue to launch careful investigations to the planet, having installed a Psigate there after the initial response team arrived using a pseudoscience FTL ship. They occasionally discover new insights into Chitrani life, but estimate that it will be centuries before the planet is habitable, and that even then extensive terraforming will be necessary.

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