Jason Silas

Name: Jason Silas
Affiliations: Magisters (Data Support)

Appearance: Jason Silas is a young man, leaning towards short, with red hair and slightly ruddy skin. He tends to hold himself diffidently and walks quietly. He usually wears fashionable but unsurprising clothes, favouring button-up shirts and slacks.

Background: Jason’s background has not been explored. He is an SEA support agent assigned to the Magisters by Director Lee.

Personality: Jason is friendly and easygoing, perfectly willing to start up a conversation with total strangers, and happy to let them take the lead. He generally prefers listening to talking, but has a knack for getting other people to open up. He is also easily distracted when not on mission. While working, he tends in the opposite direction, focusing on his current task to the exclusion of other worries.

Powers: Jason has no superpowers. He has enough understanding of pseudotechnology to act as a lab assistant for Yousef, but cannot construct it on his own. He also possesses normal SEA combat training, at which he is skilled but unexceptional.

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