Vital Statistics

Real Name: Irene
Date of Birth: June 8th, 1977

First Appearance: #1 - A Warm Welcome


Irene is the latest receptionist at Malefico. She joined the firm near the end of 2005, and took some time to get used to the zaniness going on around her - a far cry from her prior position as a bank teller. She does not, however, show any sign of breaking under the stress, and seems to be well on the way to becoming a fixture at the company.

Irene is also a friend of Lucky's, to the eternal annoyance of Dr. Ecchs.


Irene is a friendly and courteous person, but is also well aware that she is a minion at an evil corporation, and has a tendancy to panic when she thinks that she's about to get in trouble. Her general policy is to keep her head down; not much else about her is known.

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