Name: Roland Lamontagne
Callsign: Invictus
Affiliation: The Magisters

Appearance: Roland is a thirty-year old man, with military-short blond hair and a clean-shaven face, slightly over six feet tall, and athletically muscular but not immense. On duty, he wears a simple dark blue jumpsuit, with a small collar, midnight-blue gloves and military-style black pants - he also wears his Magisters badge on his chest, proudly. Off-duty, he prefers to wear unbuttoned shirts over t-shirts, and dark pants, as monochrome as possible to avoid having to make fashion decisions.

Background: Roland's youth was complicated, in large part by his powers. After a troubled youth, he failed to gain access to the SEA due to 'attitude problems', and gave up on his powers in favor of a civilian life. When Director Henry resurrected the Magisters, a reluctant Roland was enticed into joining up.

Personality: Sarcastic and verging on rude, Roland rarely displays respect and mocks good cheer, isolating himself effectively from most people who would want to be friends with him. At the same time, he tends to stop short of genuinely upsetting people, and tends to become uncomfortable when around people who are deeply unhappy.

Powers: Roland is invincible – immune to all forms of magic, psychic powers, and similar phenomena, and invunerable to harm from physical effects (although he still ages and requires food and water to live). Unfortunately, he lacks any form of super-strength beyond that granted by an ability to keep pushing at things indefinitely, so he can be restrained effectively by enemies who know how to fight him. Particularly powerful and focused effects can theoretically penetrate Roland's defenses - to date, the only example he has encountered are Fenris's claws, which were able to cut his clothing and draw blood when they struck him directly.

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