Vital Statistics

Real Name: Lucky Ladd
Origin: Natural super
Date of Birth: May 21st, 1978

Powers: Able to alter causality in order to gain incredible good luck.
First Appearance: #227 - Now There's A Healthy Philosophy


Lucky was basically destined to be a superhero. His father (Derek Ladd) is a famous superhero as well - the teleporter known as Nightlord - and his mother (Beatrice Lad) a high-powered attorney; the two live in Chicago. As a teenager, he underwent a phase of rebellion against his parents and enrolled in the Institute of Applied Villainy; a currently un-expanded-upon event involving other villains shook him severely, and the villainess Timebender drew him further down this path, until he was murdering for her. When his reality was wiped out, an unfortunate bit of luck allowed him to survive, existing in the main world alongside his dimensional double.

Currently, Hazard is working as a double agent, as both a member of Rex Mundi's Inner Circle and a spy for the SEA. It remains to be seen whether he can maintain such a situation.


Hazard is a haunted man. He doesn't know if he is good or evil, and the deeds that he has done leave him desperate for a path to follow. It remains to be seen whether he will chose heroism, villainy, or some other route.

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