Vital Statistics

Real Name: Jim Carpenter
Origin: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown

Powers: Impossible capability to manipulate duct tape into any mechanical device.
First Appearance: #23 - Hey, I Could Do It


Exactly what Jim's background is is unknown. While he himself suggests that it is fairly normal, he also peppers any retelling of his past with a wide array of outright falsehood, and while his true past is presumably on record with the Superior Champion Academy (that being a requirement for registering as a hero), he is under no obligation to share it. For now, he is content to cheerfully spread misinformation on the subject.


Jim is a laid-back and polite man, with an astounding array of tricks up his sleeve, all based on his apparantly non-pseudotech (but still superhuman) duct-tape prowess. He is both chivalrous and naturally helpful, the sort of guy that you have to work to find problems with. He also has a deep philosophical bent, which he rarely shares with his companions.


  • Jhim really likes his hat. Really, really likes it.
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