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Jason's had his ups and downs on the bad guy scale. I mean, he did help start an interplanetary war, so there's that.

And yes, Blossom's similarities to Ash are very deliberate. If you ask Doctor Wydemere, he would tell you that Blossom is a necro-cybernetic golem. Other people would just say cyborg plant zombie and be done with it. ;)

…Well that explains a few things. Honestly, I don't think Jason's such a bad guy really. He reminds me a bit of Professor Madblood

It also explains why Blossom is so similar to Ash. Hmmm…. Does this mean she's a Cyborg Plant Zombie?

Your timing is excellent, sir. Blossom's nature will be addressed in the near future.

Re: What is Blossom? by FrivYetiFrivYeti, 07 Jun 2011 02:32

Is she a golem? A nature spirit's energy harnessed into a natural body? An elemental of some sort locked inside that body? WHAT?

What is Blossom? by jackdelgadojackdelgado, 04 Jun 2011 01:49

Hmmmm…. People are being much more irritable, lovey dovey, and……non-rational lately. Non-rational. Hmmmm…..

And now Chronovore is a paranoid conspiracy theorist.


Hmmm… I can tell something is going on, but… hmmm….

If Piper is having enough trouble with her control that a remote possibility remains that Chronovore might escape, that would be bad.

Technically, only Manhattan Island was actually destroyed, although the surrounding burroughs got hit by the shockwave (hence a death toll of 1.5 million, rather than ten times that number).

The rest of New York has been rebuilt. :)

"New York City!"

More seriously, this will be interesting. Has it been rebuilt since the disaster or is it just left alone as a memorial?

Yes and no.

She could fool someone into thinking that she was a human wearing a mask, but the mask is pretty obviously not a face. Similarly, she could fool someone into thinking that she's wearing clothing that covers her skin completely, but she can't really fake skin successfully.

“Um… Kitsune seemed sort of grumpy?” Blossom said.

“Not really what I was looking for, Blossom,” Catherine said after a moment.

Blossom considered. “I don’t know, you said first impressions. I could say that she’s about nineteen percent faster than me, and three percent stronger, but I have more physical versatility and a greater access to weaponry, so in a direct confrontation which of us wins will probably be dependent on the terrain we’re fighting in and whether I can restock with surrounding foliage.” She looked up again, to find them staring, and self-consciously added, “That’s not really an impression. It’s more of an analysis.”

Blossom is just fun. I love smart yet quirky characters. I'm curious though if "passing for human" well enough to actually fool someone close up in a well lit area is within her capabilities.

Well, I don't want to go into exactly what spheres are powering Our Heroes just yet, but the Mythica as a whole are drawing on a mixture of Personal and Cultural power, tilting one way or the other depending on their tendencies. Three of them are drawing from Jormungandr, and the fourth is a demigod, so they're all basically using godly powers. Godly powers, as a mixture of psychic and magical energy, are Personal/Cultural.

Azrael - Thanks! She's one of my two favorites at the moment, although the Hugbot is definitely worming its way into my heart. Via hugging.

AzraelSteel (guest) 15 Apr 2011 16:43
in discussion Patchwork Champions / Per page discussions » Hungry Like The Wolf, Part Eight: One on One

I've got to say, this page makes me really enjoy Blossom's character.

by AzraelSteel (guest), 15 Apr 2011 16:43

This is developing in an interesting direction. So far, it looks like Blossom and Kitsune are more or less evenly matched, Proteus doesn't have any particular combat powers to speak of so I'm not too worried about him, Melchior has a general command of protection and telekinesis which means he might be able to take out both Nimble and Piper, and the only reason Invictus isn't dead yet is because he's literally Nigh Invulnerable.

At this point, I think the heroes still have a shot at winning, but, if Fenris stops letting himself be distracted, then that could change very quickly. I'd say that the best move is probably to blow up one or more of the artifacts and withdraw. Gathering Intel is probably the best thing to do now. They went into this unprepared and are now reaping the consequences of that action.

As an aside, I'm assuming that all of the Mythica's powers draw on the Cultural Sphere. As for our Heroes, I think Invictus draws on the Personal Sphere, Blossom draws on both the Cultural and Metatextual Spheres and both Piper and Nimble draw only on the Cultural Sphere. Is that right?

Yeah. I don't think they're gonna wanna help much with that.

That is very true. Karma works in both directions.

And technically, Fenris does need a thorn removed from his paw right now, it's just that said thorn is actually Invictus, and by 'removed' Fenris means 'murdered'.

Of course, by the same token, if your past actions were helpful to someone, said being will tend to pop up again to help you out and return the favor.

Pity that Fenris doesn't have a thorn he needs removed or something at the moment…

Close enough for horseshoes. :)

The Cosmic Sphere is very much the Good vs. Evil sphere - supervillains vs. superheroes, cops vs. robbers, etc.

The Cultural Sphere tends to follow fairy tale logic, which is often the "everything has consequences" and "history repeats" school of narrative. The stories that the Magisters are getting involved in are stories where dangers from the past rise in the present, and you can't really destroy them, and your own history and actions will likely return to haunt you regardless of whether your choices were right or wrong.

It's the way that, although the All-American Man was Amber and Nina's birth father, that didn't matter very much for their final confrontations and interactions. Once they had chosen their sides, it was over. In a fairy tale, it's never that easy.

Hmmm…. Reading the Spheres entry again, it sounds like the Cosmic Sphere promotes Epic Clashes between Good and Evil, while the Cultural Sphere promotes Fairy Tales. Am I close?

….Interesting. Three of the Mythica have powers that reference ice and blood, but Fenris has a different source. Maybe he's an old god too.

Which is almost certainly a big problem.

Story is shaping up well, though I'm still not quite certain as to what the exact mechanics of Magic are as opposed to other powers and what other aspects of narrative law are in play here. I mean, I get that the Culture Sphere based powers manifest differently and that this would logically lead to different stories, but I guess I'm still not quite sure what said stories are or how exactly they differ from the more standard superhero stories.

So, I noticed that we have Fenris, named after the Wolf from Nordic Myth, Proteus, named after a minor Greek God, Kitsune, named after a Japanese Fox Spirit, and Melchior, named after one of the Three Wise Men of Biblical Fame. These are all different cultural traditions, which is interesting. None of them are, iirc, particularly associated with giant snake gods, save, possibly, Fenris.

Perhaps the mixing of different Cultural Traditions was done on purpose, to invoke various aspects of Narrative Law? Combine four cultures together to produce some kind of heterodyne effect, combining them into something more than the sum of their parts?

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