Vital Statistics

Real Name: Lent K'Lara
Origin: Member of the Alien Sayleen, one of their natural supers
Position: Superhero, Justicar
Date of Birth: October 2nd, 1957

Powers: Incredible super-science
First Appearance: #192 - Broken Dreams


K'Lara grew up in the stifling environment of Sayleen. Born to the Artificers, she was expected to use her powers for the advancement of her house, but she rebelled against the strictures of her people and fled through the Atlantean warpgate to Earth. There, she found a far more fluid and permissive society, one where she could use her powers to protect people without being targeted by political enemies. The House of Lent was furious, but could do little to catch her, especially once she joined the Justicars. She even fell in love with a human, Adam Murray.

K'Lara was not in New York when the disaster occured, but she felt the aftereffects keenly. Having watched her surrogate family collapsing when Knightshine left, she now saw it dissolve completely. When Magister died in 1986, it was the end for her, and she returned to Sayleen and to her House. She has not been on Earth since.

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