Name: Fenris
Aliases: Winterwolf
Affiliation: The Mythica

Appearance: In his human shape, Fenris is a tall, pale-skinned, dark-haired man, with sharp teeth and fingernails. He wears simple, easy fashions, preferring jeans and long shirts. When he transforms, he becomes a black-furred wolfman, with long claws and fangs.

Background: Fenris is a demigod, the offspring of one of the Enlightened Gods and a nature spirit. He has lived since ancient times, although he spent much of that time imprisoned, and survived the Twilight that slew most of the gods. More recently, he has made a pact with the Primordial god Jormungandr, hoping to release the latter from its own confinement.

Personality: Fenris is cocky, quick to anger, and prone to violence when he does. He hates having to admit error, and refuses to accept that the world does not exist solely for his entertainment. At the same time, he can be ferociously loyal to his own teammates (as long as a burst of rage doesn't cause him to kill them), and he has a dislike for tyranny that verges on the psychotic.

Powers: As a demigod, Fenris possesses many low-level godly abilities, although he rarely bothers to exercise them. He can draw power from those who worship or admire him, using it to bolster his abilities, and can transform his shape between what he terms his fighting form and his talking form. His claws can cut through almost anything effortlessly, he is extremely tough and heals immensely quickly (in both of his forms), he has a natural affinity for understanding magical energies, and he has a phenomenal will to resist mental influences. Fenris has not taken any power from Jormungandr, presumably on the theory that he doesn't need it.

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