Vital Statistics

Real Name: Justine Lee
Origin: Accidental quantum explosion at her office merged her mind with a quantum computer.
Date of Birth: November 12th, 1963
Position: Antihero Co-Ordinater

Powers: Incredible intellect, can focus on up to twenty tasks at once without loss of concentration.
First Appearance: #144 - Why Would You Say That??


Fathom was originally an ordinary woman, until late in the 1980s, when a random supervillain attack at her place of work caused a malfunction in the quantum computer that was being produced in the level below. The computer merged with her mind, multiplying her intellect, but it also ruined her life; she lost friends in the explosion, and the computer itself ruined her life. When the villain was released on a technicality, she went out looking for the Antiheroes - it took her only two days to pierce their elaborate defenses. Now, she works for Judgement directly, keeping Antihero operations secret and managing their various cells.


Fathom is almost totally emotionless, the result of the computing accident. She still retains pale measures of both hatred and joy, which she uses to remind herself of the necessity of the various actions the Antiheroes take. She is aware that Judgement is insane, but has calculated that Antihero goals are far more likely to succeed with him than without. She is also investigating other superintelligent supers, in particular the supervillain Clockwork, who she suspects of being responsible for her accident.

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