Name: Evangel
Affiliations: None

Appearance: Evangel is a tall woman, with silver skin, perfect green hair, and golden lips and eyes. Her hair hangs down her back, never moving out of place whatever she does, and she wears a dress that could have been woven from pure midnight. When she speaks, her words take the shape of poetry and song.

Background: Currently, Evangel’s background is unknown. She first came to the Magisters’ attention after she used a powerful spell, connected to the hearts of the defenders of Detroit, as part of an attempt to conquer the city and remake it into her playground. After her defeat, she was sent to prison, where she currently remains.

Personality: Normally, Evangel is extremely composed, treating apparent challenges as amusing but ultimately unimportant details, and displaying coquettish entertainment when others attempt to stop her. If someone actually manages to challenge or disturb her, however, she quickly grows angry, and her poise dissolves into increasingly violent attempts to remove whatever frustrates her.

Powers: Evangel is a powerful mystic, able to weave artistic imagery into reality and animate her imaginings to give them life. She can distract, stun, or sometimes even compel individuals through sheer beauty, overwhelming their minds so that they cannot bring themselves to harm her or oppose her. She also has a finely-tuned understanding of magical laws, and can create complex spells with time and effort.

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