Eric Smith

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Eric Smith
Date of Birth: July 13th, 1949
Position: Consultant

First Appearance: #59 - Awkward


Eric spent his early life juggling the problematic balances of being a rising star in the publishing business with his secret life as the Justicar hero known as Knightshine. As Knightshine, he was one of the premiere superheroes of the 1970s, and fell in love with a fellow hero, Skyscraper. However, the two had different plans, and gradually drifted apart; their relationship ultimately collapsed after she slept with the All-American Man. Eric ended up adopting Skyscraper's children and moving away, only to have her die a year later along with New York.

In Patchwork City, Eric works as a consultant for hire, and tries his best to keep his fear for his children under control; he doesn't want to see them die the way their mother did, but also doesn't want to admit his history to them. He also concealed their parentage from them, at their mother's request - this has recently been brought to light.


Eric is stubborn and grumpy. He often masks his caring behind a facade of annoyance, and he frequently fights with people that aren't doing things the way he wants. However, he is also a deeply caring person, and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones that he loves.


  • The Knightshine armor was kept by the Justicars after Eric's departure, and was not in New York when it was destroyed. Judgement modified the armor to fit his larger frame, and wore it to augment his own considerable powers.
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