Vital Statistics

Real Name: Don
Origin: Stole super-powered suit
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1979

Powers: Power suit grants super-strength, flight, laser sword, and mild psionic resistance.
First Appearance: #65 - Inside Job


Don was a punk troublemaker who felt like the world owed him a living. When his friend Todd cooked up a plan to steal four robot suits from Dr. Ecchs, he joined in enthusiastically and became the leader of the Robot Suit Raiders. This went poorly, and Don lost his suit, his freedom, and his girlfriend as events unfolded.

Bereft of super powers, Don was broken out of jail by the Oligarchs, who helped to build him a new suit so that he could do battle with Mayfly and destroy her. Now, Dragonfly is back and a key member of the Oligarchs.


Don believes that he is a skilled manipulator and a natural warrior. The truth is that he is not; although he has spirit and confidence, he is only a moderately skilled combatant at best, and he is much easier to read than he thinks - easily swayed by compliments and camraderie, the very tricks that he used to gather his original gang of thieves work just as well against him.

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