Dr Ecchs

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Spencer Ecchs
Origin: Natural super
Date of Birth: May 21st, 1972

Powers: Incredible intellect and super-science.
First Appearance: #2 - It's not HIS fault


Spencer Ecchs comes from a long line of mad scientists and rulers, the Ecchses, who he disappointed profusely by entering Evil Business. Keep a minor in Mad Science to keep his family content, he founded a worldwide corporation devoted to the spread of evil (and a number of useful time-saving devices). Malefico pulls in billions of dollars each year, and Dr. Ecchs makes a fortune off it; world domination is almost a hobby for him, albeit one that uses almost all of his money.


Dr. Ecchs is overconfidant and somewhat cowardly, and some might argue that his heart isn't quite in world domination. This is partially true; the game of conquest is as interesting to him as the victory, and thus he follows all the rules of the Supervillains Code.

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