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Doyi: An alien race, originating on the planet Doyi, the Doyi were an ancient species that was wiped out by the Chitrani in a massive interstellar conflict when humanity was still learning how to read and write.

Physical Appearance

Unfortunately, there are no precise records remaining of the Doyi's actual appearance, let alone any examples. References made to them by Chitrani archives suggests that they were approximately five feet tall, thin, with some sort of blue skin. Anything more than that is purest conjecture.

Cultural Tendencies

Based on what little information about the Doyi has been found in Chitrani archives, both their own and those of the other ancient races that they obliterated, the Doyi considered themselves the arbiters of civilization. One of the oldest races in the galaxy, they deliberately slowed or stopped the growth of other cultures in order to preserve their way of life, and eradicated species that seemed to be a serious threat to galactic stability. Only those races that achieved space technology without the Doyi noticing became galactic powers in their time.

There is also some evidence that the Doyi may have created, or at least been the first recorded users of, Narrative Law. The idea of a species powerful enough to alter the very laws of physics seems unlikely, so most scholars agree that they only identified such laws long before the Chitrani, and thus seemed to have created them. However, many Alpha Team proponents speculate that the Doyi created the first nexus that allowed the Alpha Teams to exist, and that the nexus migrated from them to the Chitrani, and then to humanity.


Nothing concrete is known about Doyi history, but it is generally agreed that they are hundreds of thousands of years old, possibly even millions. They achieved a level of technology and understanding that lesser races can only dream of, and then they set about ensuring that no one else could challenge them.

Unfortunately for the Doyi, their end came over six thousand years ago, after they drastically underestimated the power and cunning of a young, upstart civilization. Jaded and decadent, the Doyi nearly wiped the Chitrani out of existence, but ultimately were unable to stand against the latter's ferocity and drive. Vengeful and callous, the Chitrani obliterated every Doyi colony, bombed their world until no life could grow on it, and systematically destroyed every vestige of their civilization so that only their own records remained to tell the tale. They were far less thorough with the other races they wiped out, suggesting that they considered their war with the Doyi to be even more of a personal vendetta than usual (possibly owing to how nearly they lost it).

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