Director Henry

Name: Oliver Henry
Affiliations: Magisters (Director)

Appearance: Oliver is a middle-aged man with pale skin and a slight paunch from too much good living. He has reddish-brown hair, slightly curly, a thin beard, and a boyish smile. His eyes, however, are very old and serious even when he's smiling, without much sparkle to them. Oliver prefers brown business suits and white shirts, leaving his suit jacket unbuttoned and wearing a variety of colorful ties. He always carries a simple wooden walking stick, despite lacking a limp, and wears a small lapel pin with his Magisters insignia on it.

Background: Oliver’s background has not been detailed as of yet, but he certainly has several years of experience in magical affairs, having spent the last six years as a member of the United Nations Superhuman Commission. He is a close friend of Director-General Katy Lee, and has been involved in magical affairs for at least fifteen years, given his prior involvement with Roland Lamontagne.

Personality: Although Oliver is capable of being extremely serious when the situation calls for it, he much prefers to be a lighthearted person, cracking jokes and making heavy use of showmanship to get his points across. He is brimming with confidence, and enjoys lightly teasing others, but doesn’t like to cross lines into active pranks or insults. He is also talkative, and frequently lectures his friends and colleagues on subjects that he thinks will be important for them.

Powers: As a member of the SEA and UNSC, it is reasonable to assume that Oliver possesses some form of firsthand capabilities in the field of magic, but he has yet to demonstrate whether such an assumption would be correct. Jack Beauregard believes that Oliver is a magician of some skill, but is uncertain as to his exact abilities.

Regardless of his superpowers, Oliver is extremely knowledgeable about magical affairs, with an exceptional breadth of understanding, and rarely makes mistakes about his assessments. He is also a good judge of character, and seems to have an almost predictive grasp on how people will react in various situations.

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