Danger Ace

Name: Katy Lee
Alias: Danger Ace
Affiliations: Superhuman Enforcement Agency (Director-General)

Appearance: Katy is fit and attractive, looking a decade younger than her fifty years, with shoulder-length brown hair and a cocky smile. She wears ankle-length coats and trendy clothes, disdaining formal suits, and tends towards dark coats and bright shirts.

Background: A natural superhuman, Katy entered the superhuman community in the 1970s, fighting alongside Dudeman and Uberlad in defense of first Chicago, and later the United States and the world as a whole. Dudeman, her mentor in crimefighting, attempted to rein in her natural exuberance, with little luck.

After New York City was destroyed in 1982 at the culmination of a brutal battle that saw the deaths of many of Katy’s friends and mentors, she withdrew from superheroism and attempted to live a normal life. It was Dudeman who recruited her for the newly-formed S.E.A., and she quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of its top-ranked field agents. When the agency was devastated by Rex Mundi in 2010, including the death of Dudeman, she took control and has remained its director-general since.

Personality: In her youth, Katy was a firebrand, passionate and prone to leaping without looking. Traces of Katy’s old devil-may-care attitude still remain, especially with regards to formality, but for the most part she is a calmer and more thoughtful person than she once was. She is still prone to taking risks and choosing options with greater chance of reward or failure, but does so with a full understanding of what she is risking.

Powers: Danger Ace has a powerful narrative field that inexorably draws her to sources of conflict and danger, and encourages an exciting and generally victorious resolution. She has supplemented this with years of nonstop physical training, and is a top-rated combatant in all forms of close combat. She is also a skilled leader, although she usually leaves administrative details to other members of her team.

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