Vital Statistics

Real Name: Davan Jones
Origin: Natural Super
Date of Birth: July 13th, 1954

Powers: Super-intellect, able to calculate odds of any action, control of mechanical devices.
First Appearance: Echoes Long Forgotten, Part One


A harried super-intelligent teenager, Davan Jones was an aspiring astronomer who, at the age of 15, was unfortunate enough to be trapped in the middle of the first grand adventure of the Justicars, the observatory that he was working at destroyed by a Throx warship fleeing their confrontation. Through a freak of luck, the alien systems bonded with the young genius instead of killing him, essentially implanting a microscopic supercomputer in his brain. The young man used his own talents to further augment the system, and became the supervillain known as Clockwork.

In the 1970s, Clockwork was a founding member of the Fear Force, a team of six supervillains that also included Warzone, Laughingstock, and Bad Penny. The Fear Force engaged frequently in battle with prominent superheroes of the day, including Dudeman and the Justicars, occasionally changing members due to injury, death, or retirement. Ultimately, they disbanded after the events of New York, and Clockwork supposedly retired. In fact, he simply went into research, studying the effects of the Alpha Team and of narrative nexuses until he believed that he had a chance at controlling the next great nexus to form. He convinced his old friend Warzone to join him, and founded the Oligarchs in search of world domination.


Sardonic and sly, Clockwork is obsessed with proving to the world that he is in complete control. He quotes odds and probabilities just to show that he can, and is a firm believer in the need for extensive theatrics to control not just enemies, but minions and allies. He is also dismissive of the planning abilities of most people, whom he considers beneath him, and prone to bouts of mild nostalgia. For all that, however, he is a skilled manipulator and a ruthless strategist, and there is very little that he would not do in the name of power. The only real loyalty that he has demonstrated is to his old friend Warzone, although theoretically there might be others who he values equally strongly.

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