Patchwork Champions

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Patchwork City. A bustling little city of just over a million souls, resting snug in their beds every night knowing that, in this world where heroes and villains battle constantly, the Accords that keep things from spiralling out of control remain firm and strong, and they can count on their heroes to protect them. The Patchwork Champions - Timebender, Lucky Lad, Handyman and Mayfly - stand eternally ready to safeguard their city, no matter what threats may rise.

And threats there are. While the notorious Dr. Ecchs (it's pronounced X, he will say with a clipped voice) sends out his dark plots from the heart of Malefico, his company in the centre of town, he and his minions - Nightshade, Phil the Monster, Dr. Ada Byron and the intern Josh - are far from the worst threat facing the city. From the mostly-incompentant Witch Doctor to the vengeful forces of the Antiheroes, from the machinations of the Oligarchs to the mysterious and slowly-unfolding plots of Rex Mundi, Patchwork City is beset on all sides by those who would wrong her.

And the heroes wouldn't be anywhere else for the world!

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