Name: Carebot
Aliases: Hugbot, That Goddamn Soon-To-Be-Pile-Of-Scrap-Metal
Affiliations: Magisters (self-appointed)

Appearance: The carebot has a humanoid frame, and is 45cm tall, with a smooth metal body lightly padded and without any corners or sharp points. Its proportions are roughly those of an adult human, but with a rounder, almost spherical head, and its facial features are slight – closer to impressions than literal eyes, nose, and mouth.

Background: The carebot was constructed by Yousef as an early foray into advanced robotics, and was designed to provide emotional support on what Yousef assumed could be difficult assignments. It self-activated, and now roams the base seeking out people who need its help.

Personality: The carebot is not actually sentient, and cannot expand past its base programming. This programming includes finding people who are particularly upset or unhappy, sneaking up, and hugging them while offering one of a large set of pre-programmed inspirational or comforting statements.

Powers: The carebot is astonishingly quiet and stealthy, able to sneak up on any member of the base without warning. It is also able to withstand a surprising amount of damage, and may be capable of self-repairs (that, or someone is repairing it on the sly). Aside from this, it has no powers and is completely incapable of violence in any way.

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