Name: Blossom
Affiliation: The Magisters

Appearance: Blossom can alter her appearance, but almost always takes on the form of a slim young lady in a green or brown dress, complete with long boots and gloves that cover every inch of her skin, a hood, and a wooden mask. The mask is capable of a few basic emotional cues – smiles and frowns, mainly – and she never removes it. When on duty, she also wears a long cape, woven from grass.

Background: Blossom is a technomagical creature, created by her Father for reasons that have yet to be explained using technology and spells that have also yet to be explained. Oliver Henry offered to help fast-track her Benign Entity Status if she joined the Magisters, half-joking that he was offering a bribe, rather than a threat. Interested by the idea, Blossom agreed.

Personality: Blossom is a friendly, cheerful person who always tries to be nice to the people she talks to. Her childish enthusiasm oftens tricks people into thinking that she is either naive or dumb, neither of which is true – in fact, she is quite intelligent and perceptive, and although her understanding of cultural norms is lacking, she usually manages to cover for herself.

Powers: Blossom's body is made entirely of absorbed plant matter, with only a few points that are serious vunerabilities. Most of her body can be reshaped at will, and she can shape weapons and tools out of her plantstuff. She can also absorb new plant matter, devouring living or dead plants to supplement lost materials – something that she must do as a matter of course, as she is unable to keep her absorbed plantstuff alive indefinitely. While she can technically take nonhuman forms, she has very little experience moving about in such forms, and finds them clumsy and very difficult to use correctly. Even major shifts in body mass or the addition of extra limbs can cause her coordination problems, so she tends to avoid them when possible.

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