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Blitzkerig: (Born Albert Von Wessler, 1909-1943). Blitzkerig was one of the foremost Nazi supersoldiers leading up to and during World War II, and a founding member of the Second Thule Society. His pseudotechnology work provided the Axis forces with many of the champions that they needed to try and keep ground against the more numerous Allies.

Until 1939, Wessler was simply a foremost engineer. However, his greatest achievement was pioneering a project to deprive Europe of its mystical defenders prior to the outbreak of war. In February of 1939, Wessler led a team of supersoldiers on a raid of Avalon, where he managed to steal the legendary sword Excalibur. Using Atlantean technology combined with his own formidable skills, he melted Excalibur down, merging it with the Rhinegold, and fused the two together into a powerful suit of armour. When the Axis forces launched their invasion of Poland in September, Wessler led the charge, taking the name Blitzkerig, and defeated the Polish champion Zibaniebo in single combat.

Throughout World War II, Blitzkerig split his time between fighting in the trenches and continuing his research, and he was responsible for many of the Axis powers' most devastating weapons. In 1942 he began construction of a new superweapon, one that he claimed would not rely on pseudotech - later records proved that he was only months away from completing this device, the atomic bomb, at the time of his death. Blitzkerig was also responsible for the deaths of at least twelve Allied heroes, including Lord Liberty and Frere Jacques. He frequently clashed with the Allies in his search for the Spear of Longinus, which he believed would grant the Axis powers invincibility in battle.

Blitzkerig was killed during the Solstice Offensive of June 1943. He met the Allied forces landing in Belgium, and was forced into battle against Pendragon. As Excalibur's rightful wielder, Pendragon was able to override the mystical controls that Blitzkerig had forced into his armour, and the armour itself turned against its owner, preventing him from blocking Pendragon's final attack. After his death, the armour was recovered, and was ultimately purified from its taint by the second Pendragon, who wears it to this day.

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