Vital Statistics

Real Name: Blastwave (Wave for short)
Origin: Natural Superhuman
Position: Field Agent, Superhuman Enforcement Agency
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1979

Powers: Capable of projecting heat, ranging from wide-spread to intensely-focused. Also typically equipped with a wide variety of SEA gear, especially jetpack and comm equipment.
First Appearance: Tear The World Apart, Part Five: Lines In The Sand


Born to parents with a firm belief in metahuman superiority, Blastwave grew up being taught that she was innately superior to mere humans. Growing tired of her parents' beliefs by her teen years, she left home as soon as she was legally able to, working odd jobs to make ends meet as she finished school. She was recruited into the SEA not long afterwards, and has since made up with her parents and more or less come to terms with their issues.


Cheerful but abrasive, Blastwave is typically honest to a fault, moderately perceptive, and doesn't much care if she accidentally offends someone. She does try to stay on peoples' good sides, but can become quickly fed up with arrogance or stupidity. Just about anything else, however, she will happily put up with.

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