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Atlantis: (2724 BCE - 2302 BCE) Commonly regarded as the first Origin Point, Atlantis was also the first world-spanning empire, until its unfortunate destruction several thousand years in the past. Its existance remains shrouded in mystery, despite the fact that it has been proven to be directly responsible for much of the world's subsequent history.


The nation of Atlantis was officially founded in the year 2724 BCE, when a number of small villages joined forces under the auspices of the Grand Shaman Theomacrus. Theomacrus was one of the world's few supers at the time, with astonishing psychic capabilities that allowed him to unify the people of his island nation far more quickly and effectively than should have been possible at the time period. Despite this, he may have simply remained one of dozens of tribal chieftains, if it had not been for his chance encounter with another super - the first recorded encounter between supers in history.

Lenken was a pseudotechnician in the service of a tribe that Theomacrus converted, although the technology level of the time meant that much of his science was difficult to parse. When he met Theomacrus, he was astonished by the other's psychic potential, and began to work on a way to tap into those capabilities. It was Lenken's belief that Theomacrus was tapping into some form of worldwide Psychic Resevoir, a belief that proved to be accurate when, in 2708 BCE, he completed the first Atlantean psi-crystal for his king, allowing for the creation of new Atlantean psychics. Next, he constructed devices that would allow others to continue his work, and the Atlantean Empire began to grow.

The growth of the nation was explosive. With several supers under their control, Atlantis had a power that could challenge any nation. They were slowed only by the need to pacify each tribe and bring them under control. Furthermore, Lenken's psicrystals were amazingly useful, and he began to transform all of Atlantis with them. At the time of his death, he had raised the level of technology in the Empire by several centuries; Atlantis had running water, basic lighting, vehicles capable of travelling at up to 35 mph, and a radio communications system connecting their nearby colonies - as well as a population of close to 1 million, nearly 5% of that of the entire world. Unfortunately, while this technology could be maintained, no one could create more, and Lenken's artificial supers could only pass their own powers on to their successors. Still, Atlantis controlled twelve supers, enough to guarantee their empire's survival.

Reaching Out

Understanding the power that they had, Atlantis began to actively court supers, finding naturals from around western Europe and trying to add them to the empire. In 2648 BCE, they successfully recruited another pseudotechnician, Perdotes the Lesser. Perdotes studied Lenken's work and then built on it, creating dozens of new psychic warriors and masterpieces. The empire began to grow anew, and soon most of Europe owed them allegiance. He also laid the groundwork for what he called the Atlantean's greatest work - the Psychic Locator. If it worked, he reasoned, Atlantis would be able to locate any major source of psychic production - specifically, any city of people - and immediately translate themselves to it.

The project was a failure. While the locator seemed to function, any attempt to use it resulted in the user being dumped into the central square of Atlantis. Perdotes reasoned that the difficulty lay in Atlantis itslef; the city was putting out so much raw psychic energy that it was overwhelming every other source on the planet. He continued to feed ever-greater amounts of power into it, hoping that would fine-tune the effect. Finally, in 2601 BCE, the locator locked onto something other than Atlantis. A troop of psychics were assembled to travel through the rift, use their telepathic capabilities to meet with the foreigners on the other side, and open trade routes that would bring exotic goods into Atlantis.

As they travelled through the rift, however, they found something else. A city of brass and gold, lying under a green sky. The air was thin and difficult to breathe, and the team was surrounded by strange demonic beasts - green lizard-mole men, who quickly surrounded the party. It turned out that the projector had been a success - but not in the manner that Perdotes had expected. Instead, the Atlanteans became the first humans to meet interstellar life - they had translated directly to the homeworld of the Trox.

The Empire's Peak

The next several centuries saw Atlantis continue to grow. Their population of supers swelled into the hundreds, and they continued to experiment with the Psychic Locator. In all, Atlantean records show that they successfully contacted no fewer than nine alien races, including one that they described only as the "Devouring Darkness" and refused to further explore. For the other eight, they developed psychic beacons, greatly reducing the energy required to pass across the stars, and set up trade missions - and, in several cases, went to war, either on the side of alien tribes through the portals against other, enemy tribes, or in a few cases in search of conquering the tribes themselves.

By the 2300s, Atlantis was at its prime. Its population was close to ten million, filling the island with people - it was believed by Atlantean scholars that this represented over a quarter of the world's population, but room was plentiful, and Atlanteans didn't want to move to the mainland; the labour-saving devices that Lenken had created could not be exported, and the Atlanteans were having trouble making more. It seemed that Lenken had drained the psychic resevoirs to create his devices, greatly restricting their growth to that which creatures naturally produced. Regardless, despite several wars, the rise of Atlantean supervillains, and the new rationing of psychic energy, it seemed that Atlantis would last forever.

And then, in an instant, it was gone.


Exactly what happened to Atlantis remains a mystery. Theories include the mysterious 'devouring darkness' aliens, tracking Atlantis with their own psychic locators and destroying it, or that Atlantis opened a psychic rift to a dangerous or unstable location. Other theories are that the Atlantean Nanoswarm, which Atlantean records claim was destroyed, had a resurgence that overwhelmed the nation's defenders, or that there was a short, brutal civil war, or that a super developed a technology that they should not have. What is known is that Atlantis was destroyed in the year 2302 BCE, the fires visible from several thousand miles away, and the island's rock collapsed downwards, sinking the entire nation below the sea in under a day. There were no survivors. Atlantean colonies were quickly reconquered by the fracturing empire, and no alien race had the technology needed to reorient on Earth. The technology bubble shattered, and history moved on.


Atlantis was rediscovered in 1862, by a gentleman adventurer who had pored through old documents and triangulated the nation's location. Using submersible technology, he raced (and beat) the League of Adventurers to the site, successfully capturing much of the nation's lost psi-technology for himself and covering it in underwater bubbles that purged the water and transformed it into an undersea kingdom that he controlled. The nation was freed from him in 1871 by the League, and most of the knowledge he had gained was salvaged by them.

Now, Atlantis is a research site and popular tourist destination, still beneath the Atlantic Sea. It is the site of translation for all psychic transit to the five friendly alien worlds humanity remains in contact with, and is a common location for scientists and researchers, who are often excavating the site; despite having been back in humanity for a hundred and twenty years, there remain areas of the nation that have not yet been fully excavated and refurbished. Some even hope to raise the underwater nation some day.

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