Vital Statistics

Real Name: Ash
Origin: Ninja Robot Zombie Tree
Position: Ninja Tour Guide
Date of Birth: October 25th, 2006.

Powers: Super-strength and toughness, advanced regeneration, computer-like mind
First Appearance: #169 - The Importance Of Specificity


Originally created by Dr. Ecchs as a way of proving to Ada that he could make zombies, Ash took on a life of his own, fled Malefico, and wound up creating several hundred ninja trees which he then scattered across Patchwork City. Deciding that he did not want to be evil, he applied for Benign Entity Status, becoming a local tourist attraction, before eventually joining the Patchwork Champions late in 2008.


Ash is quiet and reserved, as befits both a ninja and a tree. He doesn't entirely understand humans, but he thinks that he rather likes them. Fortunately, his zombie instincts only lead him to occasionally chew on other trees, and as a robot he is intelligent enough to control his spread.

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