Apartments Of The Patchwork Champions

The Patchwork Champions have a pair of apartments in a small apartment building. They live on the same floor.

Amber and Lucky's Apartment

Amber and Lucky have been roommates for a few years. As such, they share an apartment, despite the fact that they are not together. The apartment is paid for by the city as part of the Champions' salary, which is the only reason that Amber didn't need to find a subletter when Lucky was gone for a year.

The apartment includes the following rooms:

  • Front Hall: This relatively narrow roomlet contains a small desk for working on, and a closet. It has doorways leading to the study and living room.
  • Study: This room is where the Champions keep most of their books, their phone, and their official records. It has doorways leading to the living room and front hall, and a hallway leading to Amber's room and Lucky's room.
  • Living Room: This room has an ugly pink couch that Amber's never gotten around to replacing, due mainly to it not fitting through any doors (they have no idea how it got there), the TV, a very narrow balcony, and doors to the study, front hall, and kitchen.
  • Kitchen: This room is where the cooking gets done. It has doors leading to the living room and to the bathroom.
  • Lucky's Room: This is Lucky's bedroom.
  • Amber's Room: This is Amber's bedroom.
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