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Alien: A sentient species not native to planet Earth. Most of the alien races that humanity has encountered have been encountered through Atlantean technology.

Friendly Alien Species

There are five species that currently interact with humanity on a more or less friendly level - or at least, on as friendly a level as most human nations interact with one another.

  • Dem'kra: Considered of lesser intellect by most of their peers, the Dem'kra are a relaxed and thoughtful species.
  • Lissann: An aquatic race, the Lissann are a strongly individualistic species that finds humanity alternately intriguing and infuriating.
  • Sayleen: Humanity's closest allies, the Sayleen are short, dark-haired, antenna'd humanoids that can be easily mistaken for humans.
  • Trox: Repilitian humanoids, the Trox are a generally friendly but suspicious race that tentatively trades with humanity.
  • Yocanu: Significantly more aggressive and less deceptive than humans on-average, the Yocanu often hire out to humans as mercenaries, taking advantage of their superior technology.

Unfriendly Alien Species

At the current time, there are a few alien species that have had few to no peaceful interactions with humanity. Some of them are listed below:

  • Akagari: Vicious and cruel, the Akagari might be a threat to the galaxy if they were capable of uniting or sharing their developments with one another.
  • Throx: Not to be confused with the Trox, the Throx are insectile aliens that are primarily hostile to humanity, having a raging hatred of mammilian species for unknown reasons.

Extinct Alien Species

The galaxy is a dangerous place, and many species simply don't survive it. Those that humanity has learned of are listed below:

  • Chitrani: A brutal alien species, destroyed after a powerful psi-barrier was placed over their planet to prevent them from destroying any more civilizations.
  • Devouring Darkness: A mysterious alien race that warred with ancient Atlantis.
  • Doyi: An anicent species, the Doyi warred with the Chitrani and were accidentally responsible for the latter's transformation into a galaxy-destroying force. They were eradicated by the Chitrani.
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