Ada Byron

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Ada Byron
Origin: Natural Super
Position: Diabolico Vice-President in Exile
Date of Birth: December 13th, 1973

Powers: Super-science mixed with low-tier necromancy
First Appearance: #120 - Butting In


A descendant of the original Ada Lovelace, inventor of computer programming, mad science was in Ada Byron's blood. She started working for the Witch Doctor primarily for the money, and has stuck with him out of a quixotic desire to see how much further he can collapse.

Ada was a member of Diabolico for a few years, and followed the Witch Doctor into exile. However, she joined Malefico as VP of Research and Development in October of 2007. She is currently in a committed relationship with Doctor Ecchs. She is also secretly a member of Rex Mundi's Inner Circle


Ada is extremely easy-going. About the only way to annoy her is to insult her professional capabilities; as a female mad scientist in a man's mad-scientist world, she is used to having to defend herself on these grounds and responds with hostility. Just about everything else will be met with a smile and a chuckle, agreement with whatever you said, and then her going off and doing whatever she was going to do anyway.

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